Marketing Strategies & Branding

The needs of the restaurant and hotel sector are clearly aimed at attracting new guests and maintaining existing contacts. As wine experts with many years of practical experience also in the restaurant and catering sector, we understand these needs only too well. To meet these demands, restaurants and hotels, but also vineyards and wine retailers need to stand out clearly above other traders. For this reason, we include marketing requirements in the development of a strategy and identity to meet your specific needs from the very beginning as one of the most important aspects of our work.


Our analysis always includes your business environment, your location, its surroundings and the guests that you entertain. At the beginning of this process, we address your goals, your philosophy and define what ideas you want to achieve.


This is often a slow, but constructive process, in which we provide you with professional support and advice resulting in an overall concept for the promise of success. We then implement your goal with, of course, our expertise and creativity to match your individual needs. In this way, your company achieves strong brand awareness and recognition.


Our blend of effective marketing strategies and our practical and creative approach is a winning combination – as demonstrated by our success in Germany and central Europe and the first enquiries that we have received from cities such as New York. Our success is not only measured by increased turnover: many of the restaurants for which we have provided the design concepts were soon awarded a star following completion of the project.

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