Atmosphere, mood and themes

People love a good tale and want to be entertained. Hotels, restaurants and other places where people come to enjoy themselves offer the ideal venue. A tangible and recognisable image always reflects an interesting and authentic story. We take a very close look at the historical background of your company, the people, past and present times associated with it, its cultural life and any literary characters, your current environment and any possible influence that your immediate surroundings may have – in short: we consider everything that is relevant to your company. Above all, we integrate the strengths and individual qualities of your building, your company and your personality into the concepts that we develop.

Then we combine all that we have learned about you and your company with our extensive expertise and practical experience relating to restaurants, hotels and the wine trade.

At the same time, we closely monitor the restaurant and hotel scene all over Germany and incorporate current developments and trends into our concepts. In this way, we develop a new world that matches your requirements.


With the help of light, colours and shapes, we create moods and atmospheric spaces that tell a tale and make a visit to your company an unforgettable experience. But above all, they will always be rooms where your visitors enjoy a pleasurable experience and the sense of being a guest, to which they will want to return time and time again.

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