Lighting Effects

Light is essential for man's health and well-being – it is largely perceived by the subconscious. Light generates emotions and sets highlights, it is used to guide the eye and provide orientation. And it is no coincidence that light is a central aspect of our work. The careful use of light can surprise and arouse curiosity and it can create a mood of intimacy and illusion.


If your guests sit in indirect light, for example, they do not feel as though they are being watched but can still see what is happening around them. This creates a sense of well-being. At the same time, your guests' attention can be drawn towards the important aspects of their surroundings. However, the mood of a room depends on a great deal more. Colours and accessories, the acoustics and atmosphere are deliberately employed to create quite different moods – depending on whether the venue is a nightclub, a wellness hotel or a gourmet restaurant.


Our success is largely based on ... 

the use of light sources that match our genetic make-up and, therefore, which are subconsciously perceived as pleasant and natural.

… our work with controlled lighting effects that match the mood and the time of day: They harmonise with natural biorhythms to create a sense of comfort and relaxation.

…  the design and development of our own sources of light: They are designed to match your specific lighting requirements and blend in perfectly with the overall design concept of your company.

… addressing room acoustic needs: The right acoustics improve the mood throughout the room and also make your guests feel comfortable at their individual tables, enabling them to enjoy intimate conversation and, at the same time, to soak up the atmosphere of their surroundings.

 design dedicated to meet specific restaurant requirements: Our design work fosters a sense of privacy and enables guests to feel as though they are not being watched at their tables.

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