Emotional architecture.
Portrait of Birgit Nicolay.
Sommelier Magazine 5/2005

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Birgit Nicolay

"Primarily, I want to translate my client's philosophy into three dimensions", is how Birgit Nicolay describes the basic idea of her work in a nutshell. The Stuttgart-based designer calls it emotional architecture. Her work involves an all-embracing and complex approach. Birgit Nicolay is an interior designer. But besides this, she has another passion, too: wine. Together with her husband, she spent many years dealing in wines in Stuttgart. When her husband passed away, she had to make a choice: architecture or the wine trade. Her passion for architecture finally gained the upper hand.


"Architecture is my calling", she explains. However, she was unable to abandon wine completely. Today, therefore, it is hardly surprising that she is dedicated to designing restaurants and hotels, vineyards and wine stores with so much love and commitment.


Her client's philosophy is the focus of her work. Before each project begins, she takes the time to talk to her client to find out what the cleint wants to achieve, what ideas he has and to develop these ideas together.

Her work is based on the principles of business communication and she fundamentally addresses the needs of guests. This clearly sets her work aside from typical architectural design.
Great attention to detail in lighting design, creating the appropriate atmosphäre and the incorporation of behavioural psychology are characteristic for her work, as is her focus on the right blend of wines and cuisine to meet her client's requirements.
Specialists from a wide variety of disciplines, such as architects, graphic designers, lighting and product designers, IT specialists, stylists, marketing professionals and fashion designers work together on her projects. Led as a team by Birgit Nicolay, they ensure that a harmonious result is achieved to create a three-dimensional rendition of the client's philosophy.

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