Corporate architecture

Nicolay Design not only aims to achieve an attractive environment where guests enjoy their stay. We concentrate on all aspects of internal and external corporate design with the goal of achieving an integrated visual identity with a high level of brand recognition.

We render our clients' value expectations in the third dimension – in the form of individual and authentic impressions that make an impact.

As restaurateurs and hoteliers, our clients are purveyors of pleasure.

For this reason, every design concept that we develop to meet a client's specific goals will result in a venue where visitors and guests can enjoy themselves in a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

To achieve these goals, we work across a number of disciplines and utilise a wide range of design and communication possibilities. Our work includes architecture, layout planning, the selection of materials, lighting concepts and colours, room acoustics, but also communications design, the future corporate language of our clients, product design and staff garments.

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